Indoor Winter Cycling

Great article in the recent CTS newsletter. Now that the temps are dropping and the wind is picking up more of us will opt for indoor cycling, some with the latest smart trainers and training programs. This article will help you set up an effective indoor cycling space;

DC Rainmaker

There's a great newsletter for technical information on GPS, smart trainers, product reviews, cycling gadgets, travel, and on and on. The newsletter is titled DC Rainmaker and it's chock full of information...all their articles are a deep dive. You can find the newsletter here;

How Many Hours Should Cyclists Ride for Fitness and Performance?

The cheeky answer to, “How many hours should I ride my bike?” is, of course, “As many as possible.” But that really isn’t true. More hours on the bike don’t automatically lead to improved fitness, greater weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, reduced chronic disease risk, improved mental health, or any of the other potential benefits of cycling.

“Just ride more” can be a recipe for disaster if the activity isn’t supportable by your baseline fitness or your lifestyle habits. There is no perfect number of hours that will be best for all cyclists, but here are some good ways to find the right number of weekly training hours for you.

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Anti-Aging: 5 Signs You May Be Dehydrated

Dehydration hurts performance, right? Not necessarily. But don’t ignore it.

Pro racers ride so hard their guts can’t absorb enough fluid to replace all that they sweat out. Race rules may restrict when a rider can get a bottle toward the end of a stage. Although somewhat dehydrated, the pros sprint quite well! Despite the dehydration pro, we rarely read about cramps in the peloton. In lab experiments, dehydration has not been shown to cause cramps.

We’ve all seen pictures of runners collapsing at the end of a marathon or triathlon. Must be because the runner is dehydrated, right? Wrong. When an athlete stops, the runner’s pulse and blood pressure fall significantly so less blood gets to the brain and the runner faints...

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Gran Fondo Guide

A great resource for Fondo's all over the world



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